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Halloween Safety

If you've been on any form of social media lately you probably have seen a video with someone dancing to a song that goes something like this: "Spooky, scary, skeleton. Sends shivers down my spine..." or something along those lines. No? Allow me to glue this song into your brain for the next 72 hours.

(Shoutout to our amazing instructor, Ms. Gabby for learning this dance)

Anyways...sure skeletons are spooky and scary, but you know what is even more frightening? How unsafe the world can be. That definitely sends shivers down my spine. Now the purpose of this article isn't meant to freak you out (we all know the world is dangerous beyond what COVID-19 has caused). Hopefully this can give you some pointers to put your mind to ease a little more on Halloween night. If you are choosing to trick-or-treat, that is.

Here are some tips/tricks to keep your family safe!

1) Use the buddy system

There are safety in numbers. Make sure your kids are with friends, an older sibling or family member, or a trusted adult.

2) Don't trick-or-treat in unknown areas

Keep on familiar territory. You don't want yourself or a loved one getting lost.

3) Be mindful of crossing the street

Make sure to follow rules, signs, etc. Use cross walks and watch for cars.

4) Have on some form of reflective clothing

This is not to cramp on the costume style, but so that you can be more easily seen by cars

5) Put your phone down

Please be aware of your surroundings! Instagram or TikTok can wait...I promise

Have any more tips? Let us know!




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