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Want to try Martial Arts but Anxious About Trying Something New?

We hear this SO often from many people both kids and adults. They see it on tv, pass by a school, have wanted to do it since they were a little kid, or are a parent trying to get their child into a good activity. Whatever the case may be: people have a general interest in doing martial arts but sometimes struggle to take that first step into trying a class. Why? Maybe you are afraid of new activities, nervous about doing things in front of people, don‘t care for competition, worried you will get hurt/beat up, apprehensive about not knowing what’s going on or what to do. We are here to tell you…that’s totally ok! It’s more than ok; it‘s NORMAL. (You can breathe now knowing you aren’t the only one.) Let us address a few common concerns:

Afraid of new activities? Thats fine! You can watch a class to see what its all about. Martial arts isn’t a typical sport like baseball or soccer where you can have a pretty decent idea of what’s going on during a class. Most people only have movie/tv references (looking at you, Karate Kid) and let me assure you. We do not have a “strike first strike hard” policy. Or they have only seen the olympics which is typically only sparring, and there is SO much more to martial arts than the point-style fighting.

Nervous about doing things in front of people? We get it! No one is going to single you out or make you perform anything on your own on your first day. In fact, for most of the class, you are in lines doing a drill or partnered up with someone who is there to help you and make you better. At Seo’s Martial Arts we also pride ourselves on our family-feeling atmosphere. Everyone is helpful and encouraging!

Don’t care for competition? No worries! You are never forced to compete in tournaments. And the only person we want you competing with is who you were yesterday! Martial arts and competition is really all what you make it. If you love to win, you will love sparring class. If you aren’t quite as competition driven, you will love forms and breaking. But regardless, we cultivate an environment with healthy competition.

Worried you will get hurt/beat up? Let us put that fear to bed right now! None of our students are ever out to hurt or beat up another student. That is frowned upon. All kicks and strikes are learned with a self control mindset when applied to another student in class. Do we spar? Yes and that does involve hitting each other, but it’s about who can get the most points and not who can give the most bruises. Could you possibly get injured? Yes, you are participating in an activity but in our experience, we have had more students come to classes with injuries from other sports/activities rather than the other way around.

Apprehensive about not knowing what to do? Completely valid! But you know what? No one else knows what the heck they are doing the first time! That’s why you have instructors and other students there to help you out. ALSO we recommend all students do a 1-on-1 introductory lesson with an instructor so that the instructor can give them a basic run down of class and answer any questions before you are ever in a class setting with other students.

We hope we answered (and relieved) some of your fears in trying martial arts! Want to schedule your intro lesson? Call us today! 706-629-7367. The first class is free :)


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