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Safety tips for walking on the street

Unfortunately, we live in a world where you always have to be cautious. Whether going out shopping, at a public event or just taking a stroll you want to feel safe. Here are some quick tips to help keep you safe out in public:

1) Be aware. Awareness of your surroundings is key. Just being aware at all times is the number one way to prevent anything bad from happening. Keep an eye out for people that may seem suspicious or sketchy streets/areas.

2) Don't walk while on your phone. This one ties in to being aware and paying attention, but I promise Instagram can wait. Your safety is more important than that picture of someone else's lunch.

3) Buddy system. I understand that this one isn't always possible, but the saying about there being safety in numbers is true. You are much less likely to be a target if you aren't alone.

4) Arm yourself. I'm not even suggesting a gun here (although if you feel comfortable, I suggest getting a carrying license). There are specific self-defense keychains you can get, pepper spray or a small knife.

5) Wear comfortable clothing. You won't always wear tennis shoes and sweats and that is ok, but you should always wear something that you could defend yourself in if you have to. So if you are like me and can't walk (much less run away) well in stilettos, maybe leave the heels at home.

6) Keep your valuables close. Don't walk around while trying to put money up in your wallet or leave your purse lying around.

7) Your voice is your biggest weapon. Understand that the type of person that would rob or harm you, usually have very low self-esteem. They want to feel like they have the upper hand and they want to do it without attention being drawn to them. So make noise! Yell 'fire' if you have to, but draw attention. You could be saving not only your life but countless other lives in that area.

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