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With the holiday of giving thanks coming up very soon, why not post about why your instructors, staff members, and even a few parents and students are thankful for martial arts? Hear from them below:

“I am thankful for martial arts because this sport made me into the person I am today. The person I was before taekwondo was shy, unconfident, mentally/physically weak, and immature. Through taekwondo I have gained not only taekwondo skills, but I have cultivated life skills like public speaking, a passion for teaching, and a genuine love for people and seeing them grow and change. Not to mention, getting into taekwondo led me to meeting my husband and all of my students and their families whom I love and consider family.”

-Ms. Ashley: 3rd Dan and Chief instructor of SMA Rome

“I am thankful for taekwondo because it helped me develop valuable life skills like confidence and also helped me discover my passion for teaching.”

-Ms. Keely: 1st Dan SMA Calhoun and Instructor in Training

“I’m thankful for taekwondo because it’s given me a chance make a career out of something I love to do with my family. It’s a unique thing to get to do something as impactful as teach taekwondo with the people you care about most.”

-Ms. Stephanie: 2nd Dan and instructor at SMA Calhoun

“I am thankful for tae kwon do because it gives me an opportunity to teach the youth and have a hand in many children’s upbringing. I am thankful because it has made me a better teacher, and a better martial artist.”

-Mr. Cristian: 3rd Dan and Chief Instructor of SMA Summerville

“ I’m thankful for taekwondo because it gives me a outlet to express myself and it keeps me active. I’d probably be a couch potato without taekwondo.

I’m also thankful for taekwondo because it has taught me many skills I wouldn’t have acquired such as confidence, self discipline,respect,control, and patience.”

-Ms. Katie: 2nd Dan and instructor in training

“I am thankful for Taekwondo because it not only helps me get in better shape, but because I met an amazing group of friends!”

-Tamatha: SMA Rome Student

“Taekwondo makes my daughter happy and disciplined.”

-Florestine: SMA Rome Parent

“TKD is the first thing outside of video games that my eldest son has gotten really excited about!”

-Leah: SMA Calhoun parent and student

“We are thankful that it Keeps E on his toes, being that it’s both mentally and physically challenging for him. It’s allowed him to gain a sense of confidence within himself and really see what he’s capable of. We have also gained a family/community that we love!”

-Suzanne: SMA Rome Parent

“I am thankful for Taekwondo because it has given my son a new level of confidence!

I am thankful for Taekwondo because it allows our family the opportunity to do something together that we all enjoy!”

-Maribeth: SMA Rome parent and student

“It’s given my child something to love besides video games!!”

-Heather: SMA Rome parent

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