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Top 5 Martial Arts Myths: Debunked

These are common myths and misconceptions we have heard over the years from various people. It's finally time to clear the air:

1. Martial Arts makes kids violent/a bully

We hear this concern out of parents all the time, but it could not be further from the truth. Martial Arts is all about exercising self-control. It does teach students how to defend themselves, but there is a heavy emphasis on never misusing martial arts. Our goals as martial arts teachers are to instill confidence in students that a bully tends to lack. Also, martial arts is proven to help kids with anger management issues. Check out our blog post on that on our website!

2. Martial Arts is only for kids

Literally anyone can do martial arts. It's just the truth. It doesn't matter if the student is 3 or 93, there is a way you can learn and benefit from martial arts. There are different classes for each age, skill level, and physical ability.

3. I will get hurt practicing Martial Arts

Injury is a possibility in any activity we participate in, but I think most people's concern with martial arts lies in the thought of "I'm going to get beat up" or "They are going to make me fight with someone". Yes, there is some kicking and punching involved but it doesn't necessarily have to be on you or another person. Also, if it is, there is protective gear to prevent injury. We teach students self-control and to help each other out, so no one is just going to pound on you. As with every aspect of this sport, you go at your own pace, so if you know a technique might be difficult for you or you think you will hurt yourself trying, a good instructor should always be able to help you or modify it to fit you.

4. Martial Arts is just punches and kicks

Martial arts is so much more than punching and kicking. It is a physical art form, a way to stay fit, a fun sport, it teaches important life skills, and it's a second home/family. To reduce this amazing life experience down to just "kicks and punches" really would be an injustice.

5. I don't need to learn how to defend myself

This one is a little different but an important one to touch on. We often hear this at self-defense seminars we host. And it's not that they think they don't need to know how to defend themselves, but they think either that 1) a weapon they have is enough or 2) a self-defense seminar is all they need. Carrying something on you to defend yourself like a self-defense keychain, pepper spray, knife, or even a gun certainly helps, and we recommend it. However, they are not a substitute for basic self-defense skills and awareness tactics. Also, we love hosting self-defense seminars, and going to 1 is better than going to none, but the reality is that those techniques taught require repetition, muscle memory, and constant perfecting of the techniques which is something only a regular martial arts class can provide.

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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