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25 Days of Christmas!

And 25 reasons martial arts makes a great Christmas gift..check it out

  1. It is a lasting experience, not a toy that is easily broken

  2. It is something to look forward to after the holidays are over

  3. It goes on year around

  4. It is a gift of fun activities for kids, but a gift for yourself because it teaches focus, respect, discipline, etc

  5. It is something that can be done with the whole family

  6. It’s not another toy in your house

  7. It keeps them active

  8. It grows confidence

  9. Why get them a ninja/super hero related toy when they could learn the moves themselves?

  10. Kids as young as 3 can do it

  11. It is good for sibling/family bonding

  12. The gift of learning self defense is priceless

  13. It is good for their future because of the goal setting and self discipline

  14. It will help in limiting screen time

  15. It will help improve behavior

  16. New friends will be made

  17. You are not only giving the gift of martial arts, but also a community of support and care that is constantly checking in and there for your family

  18. It is something that can be done consistently on a schedule

  19. It is an indoor sport (hello heat/ac)

  20. It will help improve school grades/behavior

  21. It is proven to help people with ADHD, ADD, anger issues, autism, etc

  22. It will keep them bully-free

  23. All you have to do is sign up for classes, we do the rest

  24. Your kids will love it

  25. You don’t have to commit to classes right away, you can buy a pre-wrapped belt and get 2 weeks of trial classes for only $10…

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