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4 Surprising Reasons Martial Artists do the Best in School

90% of our martial arts students are school age (4-18). This is why it is imperative that we, as instructors, make sure our students take what they learn in martial arts and apply it in other areas of their lives (like school). Here are 4 surprising reasons why martial artists do better in school than a non martial artist.

1) Better grades: Grades tend to be the top factor in how a child is doing in school. If you get good grades, you get more opportunities in school and in life. There are a ton reasons why putting your child in martial arts can improve their grades but here are just a few. Martial arts teaches focus whether that be focusing on the teacher, the task at hand, or studying. Martial arts teaches perseverance so even if a student were to get a bad grade (because yes, it happens to the best of us) they are taught to not give up. The only way you can fail is to give up. Seo's Martial Arts uses grades and behavior at school as an incentive to rank up. If a students grades aren't where they quite need to be or there is an issue with misbehaving, we do not reward that with getting a new belt.

2) Respect: Teachers deserve it from kids, it benefits friendships with peers, and students need it for themselves. Respect is probably the first life skill taught in martial arts and is heavily focused on.

3) Teamwork and individuality: This is 2 in 1. Martial arts teaches how to work as a team. At Seo's Martial Arts, we are a family and families support each other and work together. On the other hand, martial arts is perfect for strengthening the muscle that is individual learning which is needed in school especially as students get older. Yes, we are in a classroom setting much like in school, but every student learns at a different pace. This is not only accepted, but encouraged. We want every student to thrive in their own way.

4) Memory: How can anyone be expected to do well in school if they don't have a good memory? It is almost impossible (looking at you, history class). Martial Artists have to have good memory. From the time it takes to get from white belt to black belt, you have to learn (and retain) countless of types of blocks, strikes, kicks, patterns, meanings of words and phrases...the list goes on. After all of that, it almost makes memorizing that pesky pythagorean theorem look like a piece of cake!

Do you want your kid to do better in school? Click the link below to learn more about our back to school open house

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