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How Seo's Martial Arts Is Staying Safe In These Uncertain Times

Let's talk about the elephant in everyone's room: COVID-19, Corona Virus, or whatever other name you have for it. Georgia is slowly opening everything back up, and we realize that can be scary. Seo's Martial Arts wants to ease your minds about continuing on with martial arts classes, tumbling classes, or even summer camps. Whatever program you or your family is enrolled in, you deserve to feel safe! Here are all of the precautions we are taking to keep your families health our top priority.

1) All staff and students are required to where masks

When worn appropriately, are important to prevention of COVID-19. All staff are required to wear them when teaching or in contact with students and parents. In addition, students of all ages are required to have masks on while taking class.

2) No Hand Shaking

Normally in martial arts, shaking hands is a sign of respect, but to prevent the spread of germs we are only bowing for the time being.

3) Cleaning equipment

Staff are required to clean equipement and mats before we open, at the end of the day, and inbetween each class. It may sound a little over the top, but safety comes first!

4) No floor workouts

In our best efforts to keep people's hands off of the floor, we will no longer be doing anything that requires hand-to-floor contact. This is including but not limited to: crunches, pushups, bear crawls, and floor stretching.

5) Sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize some more

Students and staff must put on hand sanitizer and sanitize the bottom of their shoes as soon as they walk in and on all breaks. Door handles are also frequently sanitized.

6) Bare feet are not allowed

Martial arts is typically done bare footed, but to prevent the spread of germs as much as possible, we are requiring students and staff to either wear special (and sanitized) martial arts shoes or clean grippy socks.

7) No gear

Normally each student has their very own gear bag with all of the equipment they would need to take a class. Now we are only using our gear in an effort to keep better track of what is getting used and sanitized.

8) 10 person maximum

We are only allowing 10 students on the floor at a time. With that, parents are being asked to watch via facebook live from their car and students are not allowed to come inside until it is their class time and must leave shortly after. Also, students must be 6 ft a part

9) Only regular martial arts classes

Specialty classes like sparring, demo team, and competition team are not being held currently. These classes typically require more hands on contact which we are trying to prevent until further notice.

10) Sick people stay home

Lastly, if someone is showing signs of sickness, we are asking them to please stay home until their signs are completely gone.

There are a lot of regulations being put into place currently and we aren't sure how long such strict rules will be enforced, but we care deeply about our SMA families safety and would rather be strict and healthy than sick.

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