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Instructor Profile: Mr. Cristian

Everyone's Taekwondo journey is a little different. Our instructors all have different stories and motives for their reason for doing martial arts and why they love it.

Name: Mr. Cristian Perez

Rank: Third Degree Black Belt

What age did you start Taekwondo? I started Taekwondo at the young, ripe age of 10 years old!

What were your first thoughts when you started? I instantly fell in love. The idea of having small goals within each new belt rank piqued my interest. The feeling of accomplishment that came with reaching each goal on the way to a black belt, the ultimate goal, was extraordinary.

When did Taekwondo become more than just a sport for you? It became clear to me that I wanted to do martial arts as more than just a sport when I was around a brown belt. I started as a leadership team member helping with classes alongside my sister. Throughout the years I went from just helping, teaching maybe half of a class, to teaching full classes, and then teaching full days worth of classes. It was something I loved so much, being able to help students that were just like I was reaching their goals. Along the way I had other careers pop into my mind such as mechanical engineering and even welding, but ultimately I knew taekwondo would be the thing I stuck with.

Why do you love Taekwondo? I love Taekwondo because it gives me a way to express myself. Whether it be through awesome kicks and flips or through traditional stances and blocks, there's a technique for every feeling. It also helps me stay in shape while having a great time!

How has Taekwondo changed you? I'm honestly not sure how martial arts has changed me. It has been my identity for so long.

Why do you love teaching? I love being able to work with all kinds of students. Everyone can find a place in Taekwondo. I also love being a role model for the younger students and even some of the older students too. Knowing that someone looks up to me pushes me to be a better version of myself each day. Above all, I love being able to have a hand in positively influencing the next generation by teaching them respect, discipline, manners, focus, and control.

Why should people enroll in Taekwondo? It helps you stay in shape, while not only teaching you discipline, control, confidence, but also self-defense and awesome moves!

Do you have any tips for beginners? Always stretch and warmup; especially before trying something bananas. Also, don't be discouraged if you can't do something as easily as someone else. Nothing worth having comes easy.


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