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Taekwondo is the best way to stay fit?

I'm not going to sit here and state that Taekwondo is the ultimate best way to stay fit for everyone. We all have our preferences! (but if you don't like Taekwondo, its ok to have wrong opinions) But what I will tell you is why it is a GREAT way to stay fit! (Hello New Year's Resolutions)

There are more aspects to fitness than just gaining physical strength but Taekwondo definitely makes you stronger. Students are always aiming to kick or strike harder. Board breaking takes a certain amount of strength along with technique. When we do our forms, blocks, etc you are working your whole body. Also we just do normal workouts to help aid our Taekwondo technique.

Taekwondo is also great for cardio. Fewer thing will get your heart pumping like a sparring class or a belt testing. Believe me when I say that endurance is put to the test!

Let's take a step back from physical fitness for a moment and talk about mental fitness. Taekwondo is so great for mental strength in a couple of different ways.

1) The journey can get tough and sometimes it takes some mental fortitude to make it through.

2) There is so much to learn in Taekwondo. It is a great mental exercise because of how much you have to memorize over time.

We always want our kicks to be a little higher and for the moves to get a little easier to do, right? That's what makes Taekwondo so great for flexibility and mobility! Even when you don't think you are working on these things, you are.

Taekwondo makes a great physical activity because anyone can do it. Your physical capabilities do not matter. We will meet you where you are and support you on your journey forward! Anything can be altered to individual needs.

Okay so most people fall off the wagon on their fitness journey because they don't have a set routine. Guess what? Our classes are on a set schedule so that's no longer an issue!

Another reason people typically fall off their journey is because of lack of accountability. Well that is no longer an issue because in Taekwondo you will be in a class full of the best and most supportive accountability partners!

Taekwondo has tangible goals like new belts that make sticking to it easier. People are less likely to give up when they have small achievable goals in-between their long term goals.

Lastly, fitness journeys are a lot better when you enjoy the ride. Taekwondo is such a fun way to stay fit!

Wanna try it out? Have more questions? Ready to sign up? Wherever you are, come see us at our New Years Open House on January 14, 2023! Meet the instructors, take a tour of the facility (Rome, Summerville, Calhoun), and ask ANY questions you make have! Sign up for your time here:

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