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Tips from our Women’s Self Defense seminar:

Recently we had a women’s self-defense seminar where we practiced practical moves that women can implement to keep them safe in potentially dangerous situations. Now, I can’t go into written detail of the self-defense moves that we taught them because that would be nearly impossible, but we always say that it’s great to know how to defend yourself. However, prevention is equally as important because if you can prevent from having to use the self-defense techniques…even better, right? Here is a list of practical tips to keep in mind and to keep you safe. (PS: pass this along…you could save someone’s life)

  • Be aware of your surroundings

  • Don’t walk around with headphones in

  • Don’t glue your face to your phone

  • Know where you are going

  • Avoid unknown areas alone

  • Be mindful of the time you go out

  • Lock your car doors

  • Don’t sit in your car for a long period of time

  • Can you move in what you are wearing?

  • Anything can be used as a weapon

  • Your life is worth more than whatever they are trying to take

  • There is power in numbers (always go in a pair or group if you can)

  • If you have to ask for directions: always say you are meeting someone

  • For Uber: have them drop you off across the street from where you are going so they don’t know your location. Also say you are meeting someone.

  • Your voice is your greatest weapon!

  • Report suspicious behavior to an employee

  • Ask an employee (or even another woman) to walk with you to your car

As stated above, your voice is your greatest weapon, but it doesn’t hurt to have back-up just in case. If you aren’t old enough to carry a gun (or that makes you uncomfortable) here are some other lightweight and concealable options:

- Pepper spray

- Taser

- Car keys

- Your phone

- Cat self-defense keychain

- Police baton

If you liked these tips but want to learn proper strikes and self-defense moves, feel free to check out a class with Seo’s Martial Arts:

Stay safe!

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