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Top Reasons why Adults do Martial Arts

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Why do adults do martial arts? Many people just think they do it for the self-defense aspect of martial arts. While that is a big part of it (because who doesn't want to know how to defend themselves?) there is more to the exciting world of martial arts than is initially let on.

Martial arts is a great form of exercise

Everyone needs a way to stay in shape! Why not have fun with it too? Martial arts training provides a different environment than the gym. You get in strength training and cardio training all in one class. There is also always guided instruction so it's not like when you spend 2 hours at the gym but only 45 minutes of that working out because you don't know what machines to use.

Martial arts classes provide a supportive environment

Martial arts training is unique because the learning is at every individual's pace and limits, so it is not exactly a team sport, but you do have a class of other adults backing you up and cheering on. We make sure that our adults' program feels like one big family so that you always look forward to coming to classes.

Martial arts keeps your memory sharp

As you get higher in rank, there is more to memorize when it comes to martial arts. Most adults are worried before they get into classes that they won't remember everything they have to for classes. Later on, they come to find out that taking classes regularly actually sharpens there memory skills not only in martial arts but in other areas of life as well.

Martial arts improves coordination, focus, and flexibility

I think this one goes without saying, but learning all of the new kicks, blocks, and stances will without a doubt refine your coordination and focus. You will be using new muscles and moving your body in different ways. The daily stretching and kicks will slowly make you more flexible too!

I could go on and on about the positive impact that martial arts can make on an individual's life, but you just need to try it yourself! Visit our website at and give us a call at 706-629-7367 or visit a Seo's Martial Arts near you!

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