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Want to “Bully-Proof” Your Child?

Did you know 49.8% of tweens (ages 9-12) said they experience bullying at school? That is a mind-blowing number. What’s even harder to swallow is that this high rate only accounts for tween ages and only those who repaired being bullied at that. We all know that bullying causes fear which would make some children not want to speak out, so this 49.8% number could be even higher.

The effects of bullying are nothing to be glanced over either. Students bullied are at great risk for depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, and impacted school work. That is just to name a few of the consequences. No one wants this outcome for any child, let alone their own. Let’s stand up and do something together.

Why martial arts could be the answer….

Now you are probably thinking the #1 reason I’m going to list here is because martial arts can teach you how to fight. I wont deny the benefits of self defense in this scenario, but it’s not the top of the list of reasons why enrolling your child in martial arts could be the answer to bully proofing your child.

#1) Confidence

Confidence keeps bullies away.

Martial arts develops confidence in numerous ways…

That awesome feeling that comes from breaking your first board, getting new belts and realizing you are achieving goals, learning to spar and realizing your capable of more than you think, and just the uplifting atmosphere of having that instructor always pouring in words of life to you.

Regardless of which way is develops (or maybe its a combination of all of it) as a martial arts instructor who gets to see the slow transformation in these kids from shy to confident, there is nothing quite like it.

#2) Support System

“It takes a village.” That’s what everyone says when referring to raising a child. Having an outsider who you can be sure has your kids best interest at heart is a wonderful thing.

You can be assured that your child’s martial arts instructor is not only there to teach the kids and punches, but to lead, cheer on, discipline, be patient with, and listen to them. This includes the exciting vacation stories as well as the problems at school and different ways to handle that.

#3) Control

In many circumstances related to bullying, it is simply about the bully getting a reaction out of whoever they are harassing.

In martial arts, it is imperative that students learn self control. Why? It is impossible to make it along the long journey of black belt with out the discipline to press on. We teach the importance of being able to control our movements and the amount of power (or lack there of) that goes behind it. In martial arts there are specific way you must hold yourself and act within classes. You can not get mad just because some one is winning and lash out. The list goes on and on, but it surprisingly transfers over into school life as well. Words people say don’t bother you as much any more. You are more calm and level headed.

#4 Self Defense

The article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the most obvious one. Martial Arts teaches self defense. I don’t mean a student gets bullied and decides to completely to go Hulk on their bully and call that “self defense” but I mean knowing what to do in circumstances and how to take control of the situation in the best way possible until a teacher or adult can be gotten.

Want to bully-proof your kid? Find out more details here:

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Nicole Bowden
Nicole Bowden
Aug 09, 2022

It does take a village and choosing the right village is critical. We are so blessed to have the SMA family as our village. I couldn't think of any village better. Our son really looks up to the instructors and everywhere we go people are always amazed at how thoughtful, polite, and helpful he is. SMA has helped shape our son into an amazing young man.

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