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Why moms like martial arts for their kids

I think we can all agree that the saying "Mother knows best" is true. Moms love having their kids in martial arts for multiple reasons: respect, confidence, focus, fitness, friendships, and more. Don't just take it from me; hear from some of our amazing moms of students:

"I love taekwondo for my son because I am confident that he can defend himself. My 4-year-old son has been coming to SMA for about 8 months. Just a month ago, he was hit by a 10-year-old, and my son immediately defended himself using taekwondo. The 10-year-old ran away. Knowing that my son knows when and how to use self-defense in a situation gives me so much confidence as a mom."

"Martial arts has provided a unique leadership opportunity for my child. As he has progressed in ranks, he is able to teach lower belts, assist the instructors, and help recruit others through demos, It's also great exercise and can be done year-round. He competes and has learned to both win and lose graciously. My child has made lifelong friends that share his interest and best of all, he has fun!"

"Our son Hollis has been in TKD for over 7 years. He started when he was 5 years old, and is almost a 2nd degree Black Belt now. The person he is today is due to the character developments attained through TKD. The habits he has formed over the years such as respect, discipline, and self-confidence are attributable to his involvement in TKD.

I remember his first classes in TKD, he was a timid and shy kid. He was nervous, but the instructors made it fun for the children. They don’t even realize they are learning discipline and TKD. Before we knew it, Hollis had a new confidence.

As a parent, it is rewarding to know Hollis is doing something he loves to do, and it helps him grow as a person.

He is also learning life skills such as goal setting and commitment. We are so proud of him each time he reaches the goal of a new belt, weapon or credit. But, most importantly, he is proud of himself, and he is committed to it.

TKD is a second home and family for Hollis. He spends several days of the week taking and helping with classes, and is on the leadership and demonstrations teams. I feel like we have raised Hollis together. Looking back over these 7 years, all of the time and commitment for all of us has been worth it because the results will last a lifetime.

TKD has helped Hollis in school, home and life, particularly with patience, stress outlet and integrity. He has been able to identify a belonging, be more rational, and feel bigger about himself. He is learning to instruct younger children and they have been watching him develop as well. He knows how important it is to set a good example."

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