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What is that "SMA" place all about?

"SMA", "Seo's Martial Arts", "Georgia's premier martial arts facility (available in 5 different cities)", "The best taekwondo school in the history of the universe": However you have heard of us, you may want to find out who we are and what we are all about. Maybe you or someone in your family is interested in learning some type of martial arts, maybe you've seen our flyers and business cards out in about, maybe your friends just won't stop talking about it, or maybe you have seen us pop on your social media billions of times and you want to know what the heck is up. Our very first blog post (yes you've heard it here first, we blog now *insert oohs and ahs here) is here to, hopefully, answer all of your questions.

Seo's Martial Arts was founded by Grandmaster Young Seon Seo. He was one of the first people to bring taekwondo to America (how cool is that??). He started numerous schools all over the state of Georgia that teach multiple types of martial arts! Since retiring, his three sons now run schools in our five main headquarter locations in Calhoun, Rome, Summerville, Dalton, and Albany. So what started out as one person has turned into a family legacy who are all passionate about martial arts and have a love for teaching! All of our school are run by our elite-trained and passionate staff members who you will learn about in future blog posts.

Our Vision...

We teach martial arts to anyone and everyone ages 3 and up, so our goals and vision, outside of teaching them all practical means of self-defense, alter slightly per age group. In future posts, we will go into more detail about each class type and age group, but for the sake of this post, we will give you a brief overview.

Little Tigers (ages 3-6): Our main priority with our little tigers is to get them prepared for school. We want to make sure they know the basic principles of staying in a line, being able to focus, and exercising self-control.

Children's (ages 6-12): The main focus in our kid's class is developing their listening skills and cultivating an "I can do it" attitude. We want all of our kids to have successful mindsets and self-confidence that can carry them through life.

Teens and Adults (ages 13+): Fitness and practicality are what we like to focus on with our teen and adults programs. We want to make sure we help them reach their maximum potential as martial artists while also giving them a good workout.

With all our students, no matter the age, the number one quality we instill in them is respect. We believe that respect is the ultimate life skill for everyone. We teach respect not only to instructors and adults but mutual respect among each other as well.

At Seo's Martial Arts we are more than just a regular gym or run of the mill martial arts school, we are a family. The relationships we cultivate with our students and the students develop amongst each other, are real, life long friendships and relationships. We refuse to be just another martial arts school or a gym where we don’t even know you by name. We want to help mold our students not only into talented martial artists but into good people as well. We strive to increase the standard of normal citizens and create black belts on the mats and off the mats.

Stop by any of our locations or check us out on our website for additional information!

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