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3 Ways Taekwondo Improves Confidence

1. The knowledge that you can defend yourself if need be is incredibly empowering.

For children, this kind of confidence tends to keep bullies away which is comforting. For adults, knowing that you have the ability to protect yourself can put your mind at ease and give a sense of confidence like no other.

2. Ranking up in taekwondo provides a sense of accomplishment.

How could you not feel more confident whe you are setting a goal and achieving it? You will! Taekwondo provides the long term goal of black belt and then mini attainable goals in between (colored rank belts). This genuine climb in ranks getting closer to a goal in mind will transform confidence levels of Taekwondo practitioner.

3. You get constant encouragement from instructors and classmates.

Words of life are a great source of confidence! When you always have people to hype you up, pick you up when your down, or just be a good positive influence in your life, a positive and confident demeanor is much easier to achieve!

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