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The Best "Spring" Sport

You could do a typical spring sport such as soccer, softball, or golf, but why would you want to do something only for one season? If you really love an activity, why not do it all year long? And if you really love the benefits of exercise, then you would want them all the time, not just for a couple of months...right?

So the ideal solution is to find a sport/activity that goes on during all of the seasons!

What is one of those sports? Martial Arts! (I know: shocker!)

The benefits don't stop at being a year-round sport though. Here are 3 more reasons to do taekwondo instead of a usual spring sport:

  1. The schedule is consistent. There is no guess work as to when and where practices will be. As a a matter of fact, you get to choose what days you come to class, so this sport works around your time!

  2. It is an indoor sport. Forget practices in the cold, hot, or rain. No way! This is inside, in a clean environment, and air conditioned

  3. There is always something new to learn. Unlike traditional sports, martial arts follows a curriculum. Not only are you going to continue to perfect your craft (like in softball or soccer) but you are always constantly learning something new. There is never any room for boredom!

Want to try out a class? Have a free week on us! Just email us at and we will set that up for you!




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