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Top 5 Reasons Martial Arts is the Best Sport for your Kids

1. Teaches important life skills

Martial arts is more than just a physical sport; it instills life long positive personality traits that are beneficial to anyone of any age. Among these traits are respect, perseverance, self-control, patience, teamwork, goal setting, courtesy, self-confidence, and integrity, just to name a few. Other than these attributes, martial arts will teach your child the importance of exercise in a fun manner while also learning self-defense!

2. Year-round sport

Most recreational or school sports have an offseason and a short time span of actual practices and games. Martial arts never stops! You can choose what day you take classes and as a nice bonus, it's indoors! There is air in the summertime and heat during the winter (baseball and soccer moms know where I'm coming from!). With all of this being said, there is no offseason for martial arts. Your child will always have some activity to do. They will always be perfecting their craft and becoming better people. Plus, there is consistency in their schedule which we realize can be a huge help.

3. Both individual and team

Martial arts is perfect because it provides ample opportunities for both being an individual sport and a team sport all at the same time. How? You may ask. In the classroom training setting, each child should be individually trying to become better. The instructor will work one on one perfecting their techniques and making sure that as an individual student, they look their absolute best. However, they are in a class setting, so each student must work collectively as a team whether that means just staying in line, helping another student out, staying together while they perform, holding boards and practicing with each other or even cheering each other on while they are competing in school or at a tournament. There are many opportunities that allow for both individual learning and teamwork exercises.

4. Anyone can do it

Common responses we get when we are trying to convince people to let their kids do martial arts are "they are too young", "they are too hyper", "my child isn't coordinated", "they have a physical or learning disability", or even "that will make my child violent". In most cases, these assumptions, and almost all others can easily be proven to be untrue. Just to get my point across, I will tackle the responses I gave as examples. Anyone ages 3 and up can participate in martial arts. Classes are specifically split up by age and tailored to suit the needs of the age groups and teach them in the most effective manner. The cool thing about martial arts is that while, yes, it does require listening and focus, it is a physical activity. There is a lot of movement and ways to exert extra energy. Plus martial arts is all about physical and mental discipline, so often times doctors will suggest kids with severe ADHD and ADD join martial arts to improve their focus and in some cases, get them off medications. Coordination will come over time. It takes practice and repetition. Luckily in martial arts you can move up at your own pace, so it doesn't matter how long it takes to acquire coordination; they will get there. As far as physical or learning disabilities go, it is a healthy physical and mental stimulant. We look at each individual student and use their best efforts as our standard for them. We never compare kids because each child is different and has their own unique skill set and that's not only okay but encouraged. Martial arts will not make your child more violent. It is first and foremost an exercise of self-control and self-defense. We do not encourage violence, ever.

5. The perfect family activity

I know this article was about your kids, but hear me out. Why limit the fun and fitness to only the kids? Seo's Martial Arts has family classes, and ask any parent involved and they will tell you that it is the ideal family activity. Martial arts gives them something to bond over and keeps the healthy competitive spirit alive. There is something so special about being able to experience something alongside your child. Why not learn something both awesome and useful?

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